Tenant Portal­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

To find out more information on the tenant portal and paying rent online please visit our Tenant Portal page. Please be sure you have contacted the office and registered. Please call if you have any question 704-846-9858.
If you have any questions about your balance or payment method please contact accounting at: Char@charmailbox.com

Maintenance Requests

Regular Maintenance 704-999-5400.

Non Emergency maintenance requests, expect to receive a response the following day. Please do not call the office for non-emergency related maintenance items please call  704-999-5400 or fill out our Maintenance Request form or fill out our Maintenance Request form. Non Emergency maintenance requests are processed in the order they are received. When requesting service, please give as much detailed information as possible. Make sure to give the best contact number to reach you.

To avoid charge backs for unnecessary maintenance visits please determine as much as practical that an actual maintenance problem exists before calling. We will return phone your phone call within the prescribed time period, and at that time will attempt to gather more information. Sometimes maintenance problems can be remedied via telephone by taking certain measures, if otherwise we will schedule a maintenance visit.

Maintenance Emergencies 704-621-1994:  No heat in winter, no running water, water leaks.  Be absolutely certain to leave an accurate return phone number and address when leaving a message, speaking very slowly and clearly. Failure to do so may result in a delay. Please make every effort to verify that an ACTUAL EMERGENCY exists before placing your emergency call.

If the property is on fire or you think you have a gas leak, leave the home and dial 911.

Rental Payments And Late Fees

Rent is DUE on the 1st of each month. Make checks payable to Charlotte Homes And Rentals
Rent is LATE when RECEIVED after the 5th of the due month. You will be billed a late fee of 5% of the rental amount owed when rent is received late -no exceptions.

If you send your rent payment via mail, CHAR is not responsible for mail carrier delays, lost mail or any other reasons that may cause the late arrival of your rental payment. To avoid late fees we recommend online ACH payments through your tenant portal. If necessary to avoid late fees you may hand deliver your rental payment to our secure 24 hour drop box, located to the left or our front entry door at 8501 Tower Point Dr, Charlotte, NC 28227. If you drop a payment off, you will be emailed a receipt the next business day provided we have your address on file. CHAR also accepts credit card payments; however, there is a convenience fee of 3% charged for credit card payments.

Payment Address
Charlotte Homes And Rentals
8501 Tower Point Dr., Suite 2L7
Charlotte, NC 28227


Evictions are filed on any property with an outstanding balance of $200 or more on the 11th of the month.
Please refer to your lease to review tenant responsibilities and other important information.

Tenant Reminders

Make sure to change batteries in your smoke and co detectors at least every 6 months or more often if needed and change your air filters at least once every 90 days or more often if needed!!!