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Why Charlotte Homes and Rentals?

Charlotte Homes and Rentals, LLC Property Management Company was formed out of the need for a better Property Management Company. The owners of Charlotte Homes and Rentals, having owned and brokered rental properties had tried other companies without satisfaction. It seemed as though the Property Management Companies in Charlotte were not doing the basics of what they were being paid to do which is to rent the properties, help protect the landlord by getting good tenants and keeping an eye on the expenses and repairs.

Having owned properties, the owners knew that the same repairs were being charged for time after time on the same properties and when the tenant damaged the properties, the property owners were taking the financial hit. With most other Property Management Companies, it’s as though the property owners are nothing but open checkbooks. That’s where Charlotte Homes and Rentals is different. We know that property owners are not in the business of seeing how much money they can waste on repairs and that they like to keep their properties fully occupied. We do a thorough analysis to zero in on the rental rates to get the property rented fast. Unlike typical rental companies in Charlotte, we work “after hours” to accommodate would be tenants. We also try to keep tenants in properties at lease end by resigning them.

We’ve found with other Property Management Companies, many times, property owners don’t even know a lease is up until they stop getting checks. We alert the landlord 60 days prior to lease expiration and let them know what the tenant’s plans are. We also work quickly if there is a turnover to access any tenant damage so that appropriate expenses can be charged to the tenant. We work quickly to get the property back on the market with minimal expense to the property owner.

Try Charlotte Homes and Rentals, you’ll clearly see the difference.