There are a lot of international and overseas investors buying property in the Charlotte market, and they come to a property management company with special needs since they are so far away. We work with a lot of overseas funds and we have good relationships with our investors. We thought we would take some time on today’s blog to explain the process so you know how we have done it at Charlotte Homes and Rentals. We have managed to be very successful with our international investors and those clients who are out of the country have been happy with our work.

Being a licensed real estate company is important to these investors, because we can help people from overseas source the properties. We listen to what they are looking for and then we help them find what they want. Most international investors have specific criteria and need properties that will best fit their overall investment portfolios. In addition to helping them find and purchase properties, we are also able to help them fix those properties up. Most of the homes they buy are in various states of construction or repair, and since we are licensed contractors, we can do any work our investors need. We can do something as simple as a paint job or carpet installation, and we can do major rehab work and complete renovations. International investors are happy to work with a company that can do the buying, the managing and the fixing up.

Once we’ve helped investors choose a property and get it fixed up, we prepare the home for rent. This requires cleaning, Property Managers Handles Financemarketing and preparing the home for the rental market. When the investor is thousands of miles away, a property manager really needs to be on point. You need to have feet on the ground and you need to give that property a lot of personal attention. Get it on the market, make sure it’s priced correctly and find the best possible tenant. We protect the investments of our overseas clients the same way we protect the homes belonging to our local landlords.

International investors can expect detailed accounting from us on a regular basis. We provide spreadsheets and statements with narrative descriptions. We manage a lot of large portfolios and sometimes that requires us to Skype with overseas investors so they are up to speed on everything that’s happening with their properties.

We’d be happy to partner with you if you’re an international or overseas investor interested in the Charlotte market. If you have any questions about the services we provide, please contact us at Charlotte Homes and Rentals.

Posted by: rhoover on September 2, 2014
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