One of the biggest assets you’ll have is your home, and today we are talking about what we can do as property managers to help you protect your property and your investment.

We start by screening all tenants thoroughly. The last thing you want is a tenant who might damage your property or not pay rent. Our excellent screening process also ensures that you’re not getting a renter who just left a property in terrible condition. We look at each applicant’s past and we screen deeply.

In addition to following an extensive screening process, a good property manager will ensure your lease is strong and protective of your property. At Charlotte Homes and Rentals, all of our leases are weighted to protect the homeowner. We see ourselves as working for the homeowner and landlord, not the tenant.

When we start working with a particular property, we start with a thorough inspection of it. Your property manager should inspect your home and get a good idea of how it looks and functions. You’ll want to make sure there are no open issues that might cause damage or concern. Check for any leaks in the water heater or on the roof, for example. Your property manager can tell you how it looks and point out any particular areas of concern that need to be taken care of before you get a tenant in there.

We always insist on full security deposits. We don’t allow any tenants to move into your property with only half the deposit paid anyone to move in with half the deposit paid. The full security deposit is required before the keys are handed over. It’s really your only protection as a landlord if you have to move towards evicting the tenant. Having that security deposit available to pay for back rent or to take care of repairs that the property needs is essential. Never allow your tenants to move into the house without providing a full security deposit.

During the course of the tenancy, it’s important to ensure the lease is enforced. Having a tight lease with clear and consistent terms will help protect your property and your interests. Check out our other blog on how to enforce your lease if you need extra help. Stick to the guidelines laid out in that lease and don’t stray from it.

How a Charlotte Property Manager Protects Your InvestmentIf you need additional help in keeping your investment property protected, please contact us at Charlotte Homes and Rentals.

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