Today we are talking about that ugly word that no landlord likes to think about: evictions. In the unlikely event that you have to participate in evictions, you want to understand how the process should be handled and what you are supposed to do in that scenario.

The first thing we like to talk about on the subject of evictions is how to prevent them. You can reduce the change that you will have to evict someone by really paying attention to your tenant screening. At the very beginning of the process, you can start out by attracting and keeping a good tenant. When you screen your tenants deeply and really check them out, you’ll be in good shape. You don’t want to rent your property to someone who has a history of evictions, because chances are good that there will be problems for you with that type of tenant in your home. Make sure your background check includes a look at eviction records.

Another good way to avoid problems with eviction is to make sure you have a legal and enforceable lease. When I do have to go to the courthouse in Charlotte to manage an eviction, I often see a lot of landlords who come to court with a lease that’s not legal. The judge will not enforce a lease that isn’t complaint with state law. Have a legal lease drawn up so you can enforce it. Then, you have to be proactive with that lease. Our leases are specific. We say that rent is due on the first, late on sixth, and then we file for eviction if we have not yet received rent by the 11th. We do not stray from these standards. You cannot get a month or two behind before you start the process. Enforce your lease and show your tenants that you mean business. It’s the best way to protect your property and it ensures the tenants pay on time.

Finally, be detailed in how you prepare to go to court. Make sure you have all your t’s crossed and your I’s dotted. Be ready in court. The court will not automatically rule on your side just because the tenant has not been paying rent. In order to get the ruling you want, you have to do everything by the book.

Eviction Advice from a Charlotte Property Management CompanyIf you need to get a problem tenant evicted from your property, or you have additional questions about the eviction process, please contact us at Charlotte Homes and Rentals.

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